Hedgerow Selfbows

Hedgerow Selfbows - Osage Orange Bow Staves and Blanks

Welcome to our website.  We are small home crafters of artisan quality osage orange bow making products.  Our name comes from the places we find a lot of our osage orange.  In the days before the invention of barbed wire, settlers used hedgerows of the thorny osage orange tree.  These hedgerows have grown since the past into the best bow wood available in the midwest.  Some of these hedgerows are immense, miles long with tangled masses of trees.  Like many relics of the past though, they are fast disapperaing as development and other land uses take over our farmlands.  Still, where they survive, they provide us with endless hours of creation.  The header of this page is a typical example of an old hedgerow.

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